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A chandelier can make a statement and add character and mood to a space. Whether you want to glam it up like “The Dreamer” or simply draw eyes to a specific point in the room like “The Philosopher”, a chandelier can get the job done!

A JHM favorite are the birdcage chandeliers, or as we deemed them “The Beautiful One”.

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For The Love of… Orange.

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Have you ever walked into a home and thought…

WHAT were they thinking? Well the home owners of these 3 award winning spaces were thinking ORANGE!

It can be a challenge to incorporate your love of color into your interior design idea. The best advice that we have heard from interior designers is to sprinkle bold colors throughout the space as accents. This way, should you tire of it over time, it’s easy to try the next colorful flavor.

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ROMANCE is in the air this month with valentine’s day in full swing, we explore ways to add a little romance to your home remodel.

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. But here at Just Home, we believe the front entry point of your home is the door to your home’s heart. 

This issue we discovered one way to add that warm and fuzzy feeling to both the exterior and interior of your home is to replace your standard front door with a vintage Spanish style door.

Arches, iron and glass work together in this example, to draw light and textures into the home by day, and from the home by night.

Adding a concrete trim to the exterior door frame with a vintage design, is a great way to enhance the curb appeal and romantic awe of your old world - meets new world, entry.


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Channel Your Inner Rustica…

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From old world staircases and ship-wood accent walls, to adobe style firepits and whisky barrel design touches, Just Home Magazine served up the social media inspired décor and design ideas to help you channel your inner rustica!

But the follower favorite was our post showcasing an empty-nester inspired wine room renovation idea.

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A Winter Kitchen Wonderland…

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Shaker cabinets were all the rage in 2017 and it appears that the trend will remain strong this year.

Being that this style offers clean lines, choosing hardware that adds character is key.

Now when it comes to choosing a sink, it seems that the tempting choice is the farmhouse sink. Since the farmhouse sink has a wide base, it does not blend with its surroundings, which can add contract to your kitchen’s design. Its wide base offers highly desired anti-splash aspect to the functionality of your kitchen.                                                                                                                                         

When choosing a kitchen island, determining the end use will help you choose an island that offers a counter top that is flush with the base to save space, or choose a island with a lip on the side or all around to expand your kitchen’s dinning and entertainment space.

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Whether you’re a bachelor who wants to create a masculine restroom space or simply want to mimic the city feel found outside your doorstep, combining cold stones and worn brick will surly help you achieve that urban look.

When paring stone textures and metal fixtures, adding soft lighting accents and wood finishes can bring a balance to the space that creates an inviting warmth while maintaining the pace’s edge.

A circular mirror adds an artistic contrast to the cinder-block shapes of the stone around it. While the teal towels and toothbrush holder provides a pop of color that ties the visual aesthetics within the space together nicely.